Sony DCR-TRV20

date of acquisition: 13/04/23 | 2003~ | paid: 12 euros

Let's start with the love of my life basically, my trusty Sony DCR-TRV20! Listed on yahoo auctions as a 'damaged/dirty' item, It arrived in great conditions, a few scratches and a damaged screen which wasn't too horrible honestly (my dcr-trv9 is way worse lmao). Its only issue is an audio delay whenever I transfer footage but it isn't a problem of the camera itself i think. I've won it at 12 bucks and had to fight a little bit to win, which makes me a bit more attached to it. Despite that, I still have a lot of feelings for this camera, it's always my go to when I want to go out and film, the audio and video quality is great, the battery life isn't too bad and can last for a good hour and it's not too heavy. It's part of the sony dcr-trv family of course, and they all look a bit similar. They're sturdy, reliable, and you can probably find one second hand for kinda cheap on jp mercari or yh auctions right as I'm writing. It never gave me problems and keeps making me happy to this day so, what to say? It's been a good companion for more than half a year, even if it feels way longer than that and it's accompanied me through some pretty spooky adventures too, where I thought I was going to die last or not die at all cause I'm the cameraman of course! Just kidding, we were never in that dangerous of situations, but it was nice to pretend. Here's some mixed example footage taken with this camera (there's audio at the end so jumpscare warning):