JVC GR-D740e

date of acquisition: ??? | 2006 | paid: 'borrowed'

This my dad's old (only in age though) JVC camera, the one mentioned at the very start, the one he'd bring to my school concerts like all the other parents that knew their way around that stuff. He actually kept all those cassetes with baby me in them but of' course that's not the sample footage you're gonna get for this cam. For some reason, I'm not even able to rip them correctly, the DCR-TRV20 is my only camera that can view its content properly but when it comes to the transfer it's all messed up. Finding it and having my dad let me 'borrow' it made me really happy, it's basically mint condition. Unfortunately though, upon powering it up and trying to record or playback, it kept giving me an error message. My dad was actually frustrated by this and spent a whole night trying to fix it but he couldn't. Later I found out that a common problem with JVC camcorders is that the gears in the tape mechanism tend to deteriorate and form micro cracks where the indentations are, leading it to display an error and the camera refusing to continue with playback or recording to avoid further damage. So that's that.