elio's web home V2

You've reached Elio's Web Home V2. This site is coded on a 1920x1080 desktop display on a chromium based browser. Try zooming out when things look weird! It also uses javascript and iframes.

All pages contain autoplay, using a half volume script to automatically lower the volume. KEEP YOUR VOLUME LOW REGARDLESS! as the script doesn't load immediately and I still don't know how to make it do so. I don't actually know javascript sorry. TT

This site contains bright colors on light backgrounds and small gifs.

This site is made by an adult for a public of adults. Although there's no nsfw content, please beware of this while browsing.

What's the difference between nerucom and nerucom/mini?: Nerucom (link to the right) is my 'personal' website/art/web design project. There is also nearly everything I've ever coded there, from shrines to an archive of my art. nerucom/mini is a newer, minimalistic 'mini site', which is just a series of (actually) personal pages. Writing without really thinking about a public.

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